Sunday, January 21, 2007

Chicago Muscle!

The Chicago Bears muscle their way past the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC Championship 39-14 and represent the conference in SuperBowl XLI.

The Chicago Defense and QB Rex Grossman’s mistake-free play was the difference in the game. With Deuce McCallister and Reggie Bush running for minimal gains, the Saints went to the air and Chicago’s defense attacked hard and often.

Saints QB Dree Brees couldn’t overcome a championship effort by the Chicago defense. And though Reggie Bush romped for an 80 yard touchdown via a pass, the Saints couldn’t duplicate any more big plays to keep them in the game. Instead it was Chicago and QB Rex Grossman who wowed soldier field fans with offensive fireworks.

But don’t CROWN Da'Bears yet, the New England Patriots are leading the Colts 21-6 at half-time and look unstoppable on offense.

Congratulations Chicago Bears on your NFC Championship!

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