Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Adventures of Ron Mexico

Trouble at the airport for our hero Ron Mexico. Caught smuggling a water bottle with a false bottom compartment turned up a suspicious marijuana smelling substance. Authorities have sent the substance off to their secret lab for analysis.

Meanwhile, Ron Mexico is not available for comment and has not been charged with any wrong doing.

Lucky for Miami police they didn't take Ron into custody.
With all the fans of Ron Mexico's out there, I wouldn't be suprised to see a boycott of Miami International airport. Picture thousands of No. 7 Jersey wearing fans spread eagle (falcon) across the runway in defiance of the FCC's handling of their hero. Imagine busloads of Ron Mexico fans piling into buses across the country to March On Miami in protest of what they consider a violation of their hero's rights.

In fans minds, Ron Mexico is a legend and exceptions are made for legends.

They've crowned him Mr. Untouchable and that means hands-off FCC. If the courts couldn't get him for allegedly spreading toxic germs what makes Miami International think they have a ghost of a chance at nailing the hero for contraband? Sure the bottle had a hidden compartment, sure the stuff inside smelled like Afghani 69, but Ron Mexico has justifiable reasons for his suspicious actions and hidden aromic substances.

The substance is a cure-all for our hero. Its our hero's "Antidote." With all the toxic germs he's exposed to in his line of heroism, he's finally found an antidote to keep his body safe from further damage. But ladies, be careful, while our Mr. Mexico has finally found protection for himself, he ain't promising it'll work on his partner of choice.

Good Luck!

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