Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Former Raiders Coach Tom Flores Was The First

Do the NFL powers that be have selective memory loss when it comes to celebrating Minority Coaches in the Superbowl? Maybe because its our beloved Raiders that the league is keeping quiet about this bit of historic football trivia.

Tom Flores, a Mexican-American, not only coached in a Superbowl but won it. As a matter of fact, he didn't win one he won two. And.....he did it with a Mexican-American QB in Jim Plunkett. Conspiracy? You decide.

The question posed by Frank Irizarry in his blog post "What About Hispanic/Latino Coaching Representation in the NFL?" is a very interesting and valid one. Aren't Latino's considered minorities in the NFL?

Come on Black and White Folks, you gotta recognize. Here's an excerpt from Frank's blog:

While we spend the next two weeks recognizing and applauding the accomplishments of Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy let's not forget that although they are the first Black Head Coaches to coach in the Super Bowl, they are not the first "minority" coaches to coach in the Super Bowl. Tom Flores holds that distinction. For those of you who don't know who Tom Flores is, he was the coach that replaced John Madden as coach of the Raiders after Madden's retirement. He lead the Raiders to victory in 1980 (Super Bowl XV) and 1983 (Super Bowl XVIII ). Tom Flores was also a Mexican-American. After leaving the Raiders, Flores had a short stint with the Seahawks and then never received another coaching opportunity. Unlike other coaches that can parlay two Super Bowl wins into many more coaching oppoprtunities (Bill Parcells), Flores was out of coaching after his Seahawks stint. There aren't many coaches that win one Super Bowl and the fact that Flores won two puts him in pretty elite company.

I wonder when the next Tom Flores is going to come along?

And as for African-American coaches in the NFL, fans should read about Fritz Pollard who was finally inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2005.

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