Sunday, January 21, 2007

Colts Comeback!

AFC Championship Game a Thrilla!

If you saw it you saw history being made. Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts come back from 21-6 at the halftime to beat the Tom Brady led New England Patriots 38-34, and advance to SuperBowl XLI.

No team has ever come back from so far down in a Championship game to win it. The Colts did it against a tough opponent and old nemesis in the Patriots. With 24 seconds left and QB Tom Brady throwing his way pass midfield and seemingly another comeback win, the Colts defense stepped up and made a drive killing play.

2005 first round draft pick CB Marlin Jackson (Michigan) of the Colts stepped in front of a Brady pass intended for receiver Troy Brown and wisely slid down to seal the victory. No Colt could have felt more relieved than QB Peyton Manning who made some big throws under tremendous defensive pressure. The game was a sports drama for the ages showcasing two of today's best quarterbacks. It was a boxing match where the last man standing wins. Simply put, it was a "Thrilla."

As a Raiders fan I love seeing the New England Patriots lose. I hope the hearts of New England fans cry through this evening and bleed in frustration at what could have been while watching the Indianapolis Colts take on the Chicago Bears in Superbowl XLI. My guess is this loss will hurt Patriots fans so bad that they won't watch the Superbowl. They won't be missed.

History was also made today with the first and second African-American NFL head coaches to reach a Superbowl, one will be historically remembered as the first to win it. Congratulations Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy as Great Coaches who happen to be African-American.

Congratulations AFC Champion Indianapolis Colts!

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