Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sports Radio With Jason SMITH

I'm a sports radio junkie. I wake up to sports radio, I travel listening to sports radio and to wind down before going to bed I turn on sports radio. Of late, sports radio has not been giving me my daily fix. A number of things have taken the focus away from sports; call-in fans, stubborn and/or premadonna radio personalities, young hosts, overdone sound bites, controversy.

However, tonight I found myself relieved to have found a sports host who gives good quality reportage without all the distractions.

Jason Smith, of "ESPN AllNight" gives a daily dose of sports that's exciting, fun and most importantly informative. Jason delivers his knowledge and opinions in a way that makes you feel you're listening to a friend and a fan. The one thing that's noticeable about Jason's espn show is the continuous focus on sports. If he gives a funny analogy, it's usually to drive home a sports opinion. Case and point, when discussing Gilbert Arenas's motivation for playing like an mvp this season and getting back at the coaches who didn't vote him to the olympic team, he quoted Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a vengeful father:

"I Like You Soli, That's Why I'm Going To Kill You Last!"

Washington Times:
"Arenas ranks second in the league in scoring behind Carmelo Anthony. He scored 60 points against the Los Angeles Lakers last month and topped 50 on two other occasions in the past five weeks. He ranks among the league leaders in minutes, steals, assists and overall efficiency and has led the Wizards to the second-best record in the Eastern Conference."

So if you like a smooth, respectable and mature delivery of your sports news, then give Jason a try. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude who believes sports radio should be censored. I do find some of the pranks on sports radio funny, but there comes a point in the day when you want your sports radio raw. Jason's show seems to give it to you raw, with flavor.

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