Monday, July 16, 2012

Remembering Myspace Raiders Style

I remember joining the social network Myspace in 2005, a few years after it had been launched.  I joined for two reasons, to meet other Raiders and possibly hookup with a hot babe.  Well, I ended up getting both and my adventure into the social web community took off, meeting new friends, sharing information and creating a page that showed loyalty to my Silver and Black Raiders.

Here it is years later and though Myspace is still alive and well, Facebook is now the big daddy of social networking.  I was all ready to jump in and use my experience from Myspace to meet, mingle and create on facebook when I first joined, but after a while I became suspicious of the site.  When news reports of personal information gathering and other behind the scenes Facebook activities confirmed my fears, I shut it down and revisited Myspace for the heck of it.

Most if not all of those I knew on Myspace are now on Facebook. But there are a few, probably the ones as protective of their personal information as I am, who are still using the old pioneer of social networking.  One is an old friend Jennifer, nicknamed Raidergurl.  

Jennifer bleeds silver & black as much as any Raiders fan and she's continued to represent the Raiders wherever she finds herself on the web.  When I first friended Jennifer she was sportin' a tight little outfight that seemed to be shrinkin' by the minute. I commented on the shrinkage being from a tear-soaked outfit while watching our Raiders stumble through another losing season.

That's right, Jennifer is one of the many Raidergurls found out their on the web who add beauty to our brutal style of football. She's a genuine second generation Raiders fan and I'm glad to see she's still representin' on Myspace with pride, poise and passion.

Good Lookin at you RaiderGurl

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