Sunday, July 29, 2012

Linebacker Chad "Go Kill" Kilgore is A Raider

On the day before their first training camp begins the Oakland Raiders signed 5th Rd draft pick, WR Juron Criner.  It was expected that the talented young man would be signed before training camp.  What wasn't expected are the two undrafted free agents, linebacker Chad Kilgore out of Northwest Missouri State and receiver DeAundre Muhammad out of Indiana, being added to the Raiders roster.

Receivers are a dime a dozen, but finding a good linebacker who can become a game changer is a rarity.  Raider Nation..... I give you Chad Kilgore, or "Go Kill." 

The way I see it, this young prospect has the on-field smarts and speed to make a difference on defense.  Based on the following footage, "Go Kill" can fight off blocks, shoot gaps, run down running backs, cover tight ends, hit and wrap up on tackles and basically make an offense alter their game plan.  Sure he might not have seen the upper echelon of college competition, but his instincts seem solid and it appears he loves the game of nasty football.  

The new version of Oakland Raiders, based on new GM Reggie McKenzie's vision, is going to be built with men who are football smart, athletic and willing to work hard as a team to win.  "Go Kill" definitely seems to fit that bill.  I'm picking this kid as one of the many surprise acquisitions for the Raiders.  You never know what rookie is going to step out of obscurity and have the league and fans comparing him to one of the greats.  Chad Kilgore could be that rookie.  Just "Go Kill" Chad, Just Go Kill!

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