Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A's Roll Red Sox With 2 Runs In 9th

The Oakland A's are a grind-it-out, never say die bunch of guys.  The boys in yellow made some fantastic defensive plays tonight, including a double play in the ninth off a Boston bunt that popped up and was gloved at grass top level before being thrown to first for the second out.  

Trailing 2-1, leaving the bases loaded in the 8th, the A's found a way to escape the top of the ninth without allowing Boston to add to their lead.  That set up a dramatic ending that I myself did not expect and could barely watch.

Somehow, someway the A's got the hits and scored the runs as a Coco Crisp sacrifice fly brought home the walk-off run.  It almost seemed like the Red Sox just folded under pressure, that pressure being the resilient A's players on the field and their loud-n-proud fans in the stands.  By all accounts Boston should've, could've had this game in the bag. Instead, they got bagged and bounced back to their hotel with the taste of blown save swirling around inside their mouth.

Coco Crisp, who also had a first inning two run homer, was the player of the game and received a well-timed, interview stopping pie-in-the-face as a consolation prize. Whoever it was that backpedaled past Crisp as he was proudly beaming into the camera with hands on hips in a trojan man-like stance, that pie pusher deserves a game ball.

What better way for Oaktown to bring in the Fourth of July Fireworks festivities than by lighting up the field with their sparkling play tonight.

The A's are closing in on a .500 record and are playing some damn good team baseball.  They're winning series in various ways, a definite indication of a contender.

As for the Boston Red Sox? They'll return to the Oakland Coliseum tomorrow for a third game. Can the Sox avoid getting swept for the Holidays?  Goood Luuuuk!

Final Score
Boston 2
Oakland 3

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