Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Raiders Compare Well To 2002 AFC Champions

A license to dream, that's what I call training camp and preseason football.  Or call it caviar wishes and champagne dreams, because when it comes to preseason analysis of your football teams' chances to go to the Super Bowl, a fantasy recipe for success is the only way to define your promising outlook.  Last season's pork & beans finish is a distant memory as this season shows nothing but rich rewards.

And just how tasty is the fantasy of envisioning your team making it to the big show and winning it all? I'll tell you. It's tasty enough to believe the recipe that makes up the new team will produce the best meal you've ever sank your teeth into.   

After reading an article by Elias Trejo of the Raider Nation TImes, which compares the 2002 Raiders roster with the current one, I'm drooling from the mouth anticipating the Oakland Raiders 2012 season.  Its never too early to entertain a dream; that's how dreams become realities. 

Are You Ready For Some Football? 

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