Monday, July 23, 2012

Penn State Penalty Phase

The statue of Joe Paterno was removed this weekend as the Penn State football program was heavily penalized for the child abuse cover-up scandal.  While many are discussing whether the penalty fit the crime, I'd like to keep the focus on the victimization of children.

There simply is no penalty big enough to fit "This" crime.  Penn State as an academic institution shares the blame with convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky. They did it for the money, plain and simple.  When those in charge of making decisions at large organizations choose to ignore and cover-up crimes against children, they deserve every punishment and criticism our society can legally heap on them when caught.  

For all the ugly and tasteless criticisms and images being shared on the internet about Penn State, not one is as ugly and damaging as the crimes committed against the victims of Penn State.

To the many victims of Jerry Sandusky & Penn State, both known and unknown, I apologize for being a part of a society that puts money ahead of ethics.  For those heroic victims who came forward and told their stories, sharing their pain, I thank you.  You have unveiled an evil that our society must better protect against. 

Hopefully we've learned a very valuable lesson about ourselves and the value of our children. Children are priceless, and any individual or institution that jeopardizes their safety should be exposed and made accountable for their actions. We may not be able to prevent every crime, but it is in our power to bring to justice the criminal(s) responsible.

Never turn a blind eye to abuse of any kind. Ever!

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