Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Olympics Inspiration

I hadn't planned on watching the 2012 Summer Olympics, but thoughts of my acrobatic, ballet loving granddaughter, Amirah Deara, has me looking for the televised gymnastics schedule.

Today was meant to think of my Amirah Deara and remind her of just how much I love her.  Daughters and Granddaughters are like butterflies, beautiful and transforming. Both can bring out the humbleness of the coldest of men.  

Big Hugs Amirah Deara
Your Yah Yah!

Coming across an old used book titled "The French Doll" led me to this beautiful lullaby that sounds and smells just like my Amirah. Nite, nite!

French Doll (composed by William Gillock)

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