Monday, July 23, 2012

Bay Area Baseball Teams

Our Bay Area baseball teams are showing us and the league that America's past-time has not passed us by in 2012.  Since the All-Star break the San Francisco Giants are 7-2 while the Oakland A's, after sweeping the NY Yankees four games in Oaktown, are 8-1.  

It's summer baseball in the bay at its best.  The A's have to be the hottest team in the majors right now.  When you sweep a team that money and media are draped over like a cheap suit, it gets folks to talking. Hopefully the talk will continue to focus on the A's extraordinary play on the field and not on the empty seats at the coliseum.

As for the Giants, pitching has kicked in and is carrying them in close games, but they'll definitely need to address hitting with men on base.  This morning, after a twelve-inning loss to the Phillies, the talk is about slumping first baseman Brandon Belt.  Numbers don't lie, and Belt knows he's in a slump and wants to work through out. The team, holding to a mere 1.5 division lead, might not have the luxury of waiting for him to break through.  Time and pressure, time and pressure!

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