Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Wide Receiver Housh is in the Raiders House

The Oakland Raiders signed wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh today. Great move. I was hoping they'd get him last season. (TJ Housh Available)

Hoosh brings experience, familiarity with QB Carson Palmer as well as leadership to a young receiving corps in need of a spark plug. Of the three former Bengals receivers (T.O., Ocho Cinco & Hoosh) I feel that Housh is less disruptive to a winning Raiders squad. He can still play.

I'll admit, the Terrell Owens workout had me chewing at the bit, but I knew signing him carried a heavy price for coach Hue Jackson. Better at this stage of the season to bring someone like Housh in than an Owens. Maybe!

Besides, although his contract is only one year ($910,000), the name Houshmanzadeh is worth investing in to wear on a silver & black jersey come Sunday.

Welcome to the Raider Nation T.J. HoushMANzadeh!

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