Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are You Sure You Wanna Live Forever?

101 year old Mongolian woman

At some point in your life you wished it, thought about it, and you may have dreamed that it actually happened to you. Well, after seeing what people who live past 100 years (Centenarians) have in common, you may not wanna live a day past 65.

Some, like the artist photographing the "Faces of The Aged", might find beauty and wisdom in the craggily, dry lines of a very old face. But most of us, and yes that means 99.9% of you reading this post, wouldn't want to see ourselves in the mirror looking like that at any age. After all, we are such a conceited society aren't we?

And if you've lived a "Picture of Dorian Gray" type lifestyle, you can bet your brittle bones that every ugly and unkind deed you've performed in life will appear on your centenarian face. Yes my friend, justice does have a face, and it can be painful to behold.

I've always found old people fascinating with their stories of past times and life struggles, but never have I wanted to be in their shoes, suffering body aches, blindness, incontinence and a host of bodily failures that comes with aging. So does that make me a coward and those old fogies in nursing homes gripping to the last sliver of life with all their might, courageous warriors? Perhaps!

Then again, maybe it's the price we pay to someday live on this earth in peace, having at least one heartfelt soul kindly looking after our needs, and the only threat to our human person being death by good ole natural causes.

So, still think you might wanna live forever? Well do yah Punk?

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