Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Got Tight Ends?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took a beating before finally getting on track with his receivers and putting the Kansas Chiefs to bed on Monday Night Football. As much as I dislike the Pats (snowbowl 2002) I had to cheer them on to beat Raiders division rival Chiefs.

I hate to say it but Dammit! the Pats win in so many ways. Other than the little "mighty mouse" of a receiver Wes Welker, there are no star wide receivers on their roster. So what do Belichick and Brady stir into the cauldron? Two rumbling tight ends with great hands, decent speed, field vision and bodies that are like duracell batteries; made to last.

Rob Gronkowski, a 2010 second round draft pick, is the new prototype for tight ends. We've seen tight ends built like him before, but I can't remember an offensive philosphy being built around one. Gronkowski is a beast of a weapon that powers the Patriots offense like pistons do an engine.

I really hate this, giving credit to a coach, a quarterback and a team that the Raiders helped propel into the limelight almost a decade ago. Actually it was referee Walt Coleman and the review booth, but who's keeping score? What the Patriots did to the Kansas City Chiefs last night was proof that durable blue collar parts and a superior game plan can make a good NFL team an elite contender for a championship.

As for Brady, he's 34 years old and hasn't been as "untouchable" since the New York G-Men put a hurting on him in Super Bowl XLII. Heck, the Chiefs were teeing off on him using a three man rush at one point last night.

I wish no ill will to Brady, but with all the quarterback injuries this season, he just may be one hit away from.....retirement. With an undrafted free agent from 2009 (Brian Hoyer) and a rookie (Ryan Mallett) as Brady's backups, we might be watching the end of a so-called dynastic run.

Who knows, coach Belichick might have plans to to run the 6'6, 266 pound big fella, Gronkowski, out of a wildcat position. After all, he hails from the University of Arizona, better known as the Arizona Wildcats.

Final Score
Chiefs 3
Patriots 34

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