Monday, November 21, 2011

Next Up For The Raiders

Yes, a Cutler-less (7-3) Chicago Bears team is coming to the Coliseum to take on the (6-4) Oakland Raiders. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who was a former Raiders rival with the Denver Broncos, broke his thumb yesterday in a win over San Diego.

Cutler, accused by Da Bears fans last season of cowardice in the line of duty, hurt himself in a courageous play where he saved an interception from being returned for a touchdown. Of course it was Jay who threw the interception, so in a Bears fans world Da Bum had it coming to him.

We Raiders fans know what it's like to lose a quarterback. Fortunately for us we replaced an injured Jason Campbell with a resurgent Carson Palmer. With each game you can see Palmer getting more and more comfortable with his offensive line and receivers. Though the Bears come to Oaktown without starter Jay Cutler, Da Bear defense, led by pro bowler Brian Urlacher, will be in "mission critical" mode, and that don't bode well for the Raiders offense.

This coming Sunday will be a true test for the AFC West division leading Raiders. Can they run the ball against a stubborn run defense ranked #10? Can the young offensive line continue their stellar play against a suspect pass defense? Can receivers exploit the weak Chicago secondary? I say the Raiders can win this game, and win it convincingly. Monsters of the Midway Dis Bears defense is not. Simply don't kick anything into the arms of phenomenal return man Devin Hester and the game is ours.

One thing Bears fans won't be able to do after a Raiders win is blame the man with the target on his back, Jay Cutler. Cutler is out!

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