Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Damon Bruce Delivers

Yesterday I listened to KNBR radio host Damon Bruce report on the "Sodomy" accusations surrounding Penn State's former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. Trust me when I say, the topic of discussion was gutwrenchingly brutal to listen to.

With his masterful breakdown of six pages from grand jury testimony, D.Bruce surgically removed any doubt from my mind that the infamous Pennsylvania college shares in the guilt of crimes against children on their campus; crimes that the university enabled through their silence and possible cover-up. Whatever happened to behavioral accountability and moral obligations at our institutions of learning?

It's not only the shocking information D.Bruce delivers in breaking down the Penn State silence, it's the way in which he methodically covers every angle of the neglect and failure to act. Bruce does it better than any prosecutor would dare. He does it by calling a spade a spade, and has the eyewitness testimony to back it up.

Bruce begins with warning listeners about what they're about to hear, then he gives all the incriminating details and ends it with an educational tip to parents and/or their listening children, urging them to immediately report anything in their own experiences that sounds familiar to this horrific story. He reiterates the fact that the actions Jerry Sandusky's accused of performing against a minor are criminal.

Mr. Damon Bruce, today you've won my honorary citizens award for speaking directly to the matter, providing fact-based information and giving hard-nosed advice to our society on the importance of bringing this particular "sexual predator" and those who enabled him to reign for decades, to justice.

As D.Bruce so aptly states, this is "Much More Than A Sports Story!"

note: Where is the outrage against the Penn State University? The Protests? Media and Human & Animal Rights organizations were ready to "Lynch" Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick when the story about his involvement with a pit bull fighting ring emerged.

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