Wednesday, November 09, 2011

"JoePa" Relieved Of Duties At Penn State

It's been a long week at Penn State. But we must remember that the pain and shame the University of Pennsylvania feels is miniscule compared to the pain, shame and suffering felt by the young men who were mere boys when sexually assaulted on the Penn State campus by a trusted Penn State assistant football coach.

Yes, Joe Paterno was "relieved of his duties" as football head coach along with university president Graham Spanier. However the decision was made and carried out, it was the only acceptable decision. Again, no hurt, shame or loss can compare to that of the victims, none!

My prayers and blessings go out to the young men who showed courage in coming forward with their stories of victimization as children. These young men have shown more courage and integrity than anyone at the university who either knew or heard rumors of assistant coach Jerry Sandusky's actions.

The victims, who came forward after many years of suffering in silence, are true heroes to many unsuspecting parents and their kids. The predator has been exposed as a cowardly lion and has been banished from the Land of Oz.

The Penn State football program will heal and the university will continue to patch up it's image, but the young men are sadly sentenced to a life of cloaked pain by sexual predator Jerry Sandusky and his enablers at Penn State.

Child Abuse is a social evil that effects our roots - "children".

Young Men, We Salute Your Perseverance and Courageous Stand For justice.

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