Monday, July 24, 2006

Oakland A's Night

So curious was I about my new Raiders season ticket seats that I attended an A's game just to check it out. Sure enough, I'm satisfied with where my seats are located. With the field setup for baseball you really have to work at envisioning a football field.

Tonight the A's played the Boston Red Sox and there were plenty of Sox fans out at the Coliseum. Me being a National Leaguer I couldn't get too excited, but I rooted for the A's in their losing effort against the Sox.

The Red Sox hit Barry Zito hard and long early, while Josh Beckett kept the A's to one hit well into about the fifth or sixth inning. When I left in the 8th inning the score was Sox 7, A's 3. Though it was a decent game, I kept getting visions of Raiders football. Lesson here is if you attend a baseball game at your football stadium once training camp begins, expect nostalgic football moments to hit you without warning. I saw Raiders gear being worn all over the place. Only saw one New England Patriots cap amongst the many Sox Jerseys and caps.

I can't wait for Raiders football. Names I sort of remember hearing tonight; Manny Ramirez, Coco Crisp, David Ortiz, Swisher, Crosby, Frank Thomas, Willie Mo Pena, Kotsay, Milton Bradley, Eric Chavez. Great night for some baseball.

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