Sunday, July 23, 2006

SF Giants try sweeping 4 games from SD Padres Today!

It's hot, it's summertime and the San Francisco Giants have taken the division lead in the NL West. Finally, the team seems to be hitting on all cylinders with pitching, scoring and defense coming together for wins.

Today's game, which I'll be attending, brings some excitement to us fans that have watched the Giants climb from the cellar of the division to first place. A win today would give the Giants a six game winning streatk, I believe its their best streak of the season. Another season first would be a four game sweep at home of a division rival.

I won't be taking a broom to the game, but I hope to come away from it with that good old sweeping feeling. The NL West Division may not be the strongest division in the league, but to be on top of any division in MLB is an accomplishment to be proud of. The true test of superiority is like getting the girl. Now that you got her can you keep her? Today the Giants, with new addition Shea Hillenbrand, will try to consummate the marriage by jumping over the broom and carrying the bride off the field with a win.

Go Giants!

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