Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Catch For The Ages

Up until now, there's probably two catches that stand out in sports history; Montana to Clark and the Willie Mays catch. What made these catches so unbelievably memorable wasn't their flash but their once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment that went against all odds. Nobody had ever seen these two types of plays accomplished before or since. They're now part of what we in sports like to call "Legendary Moments."

Today we might have witnessed a catch that ranks close to the level of legendary. Texas Ranges outfielder, Gary Matthews, Jr., made the most improbable catch of the season in robbing Houston Astros Mike Lamb of a home run. When you watch this catch, don't just watch it once but view it no less than three times to get a full dose of Matthew's feat.

Click to View "The Catch"

The beauty of sports today is that fans all over the globe get to see legendary moments in the making. This catch will be considered as one of the best catches in baseball in recent memory.

This article replaces the area slotted for World Cup Playoff News. The one time when I root against the underdog, the dog wins. France beat Brazil, 1-0 today to advance to the semi-final round. France will meet Portugal. Go Portugal!

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