Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just a bit of Dirty Laundry

So the SF Chronicle reports that Jerry Porter is not happy with new head coach Art Shell and wants a trade. What the hell does Jerry Porter think he's doing airing his dirty laundry in the media, especially in the whiner favored SF chronicle for christ sakes? If JP wants out of Oaktown for whatever reason then he should talk it over with Big Al, not enemy journalists who want nothing more than to bring down the Raider Nation.

I'm sure the Raiders organization doesn't want a player, no matter how good he is, to be a part of the team if he desires not to be. JP is being paid well, he's as big a part of the offense as Randy Moss, he has a newly acquired mobile quarterback in Aaron Brooks who throws a good deep ball, he has a hall of fame coach who wants to win now. So what gives with JP not being happy with his coach and his situation?

Now that the dirt is out in the open the question all are asking is, should the Raiders trade JP and get rid of a potential cancer or do they workout their differences behind closed doors and begin the marriage anew? Rumor of the Raiders wanting two first round picks for JP makes me think that the whole issue is just someone using the media to strengthen their negotiating position. But is that someone Jerry Porter or the Raiders Organization? It's just too damn close to the season for this kind of junk to be happening.

Whatever is going on, those involved need to meet, agree or disagree to work together, initiate a plan of action then use the media to report their mutual decision. Its not fair to us faithful fans who are already adjusting to a new head coach, new quarterback and new ticketing practices. If JP is not going to be a Raider this season then let's get the divorce over with and move on. However, if JP and the Raiders can reconcile their differences then kiss and make up quick. We're only two weeks away from our first preseason game against the Donovan McNabb led Eagles. It's only an exhibition game, but the whole football world will be watching this Hall of Fame game, the first game of the 2006 season.

Just Talk Baby! Get it done.

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