Tuesday, January 19, 2016

WarriorTrotting Through Cleveland

The Harlem Globetrotters are in town performing at Oracle Arena in Oakland. But they just might have a hard time impressing Bay Area fans with their gravity-defying basketball skills. Why?  Because Oracle (RoaR-acle) is the lair of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, best basketball team on the planet. 

Last night the Warriors air show returned to Cleveland, home of the best basketball player on the planet.  By the end of the first quarter they led by 13 points. By half-time the lead was 26 points.  By the end of the night they'd dazzled the Cleveland crowd with their championship caliber play, silencing any who doubted their win over Cleveland in last year's finals. No excuses from the Cavaliers this time as they came into the game at full strength with a healthy squad.

The best player on the planet had a pedestrian 16 point night and no highlights to think of.  Meanwhile, the best team on the planet was simply on fire after losing their previous game to the upstart Detroit Pistons. As usual, the team was led by the Human Torch, Steph Curry, who was launching shots from what looked like Meadowlark Lemon distance, may his soul rest in peace.

Where the heck was Charles Barkley last night? Oh, here he is:
TNT studio analyst Charles Barkley said: "I don't think the Cavs realized that Golden State wanted to send a message. Golden State is letting them know: If we see you in the Finals, this is what you can expect.''

Last year's finals MVP, Andre Iguodala, this time around scorched the Cavaliers for 20 points off the bench and did it in globetrotting fashion; flying through the air with the greatest of ease. Even the Brazilian Blur, Leandro Barbosa, had a few Harlem Globetrotter moments showing off his speed and ball handling skills.

It was a night best summed up by Steph stating in his after-game interview that the win was a good message to themselves of what they're capable of. "Scary" is the message to the rest of the league; scary to think what the Warriors are capable of, on the road, against the best, after a loss.     SCARY!

Final Score
Warriors 132
Cavaliers 98

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