Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Courage is life's only measure

A quote attributed to Danish philosopher Kierkegaard in the 2010 Swedish movie "Pure."

I thought the quote brilliant, but the movie itself, slow with limited dialogue, held my interest just enough to make it to the end. The young actress playing the lead, Alicia Vikander, did a knockout job portraying a 20 year old girl facing the challenges of life choices and relationships. The classical music, with Mozart's Requiem as its theme, might've out-starred all actors. As foreign independent films go, its success was its simplicity and realness. 

Since I'm talking movies of late let me list two other films viewed recently that I thought deserve praise.

The Physician.  Epic historical period drama that takes viewers back to 11th century medical practices and religious differences between the east and west. Mostly superb acting, but as always a young love story that wreaked of Hollywood looked pretentious. All in all its realistic plot and descriptive scenes convince you of what it might have been like as a doctor (barber) or patient in the middle ages.  Had everything but the smell of those plagued times.  Loved it!

Crossroad.  A faith based thriller that convinces viewers of God being everywhere and in everything. As the coincidences and confessions mount, you realize just how connected strangers in a Diner can be with God battling evil in their midst.  Definitely not your average Christian movie.  I liked it very much and hope to watch it again.

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