Saturday, January 09, 2016

It's Football Playoffs Time

With two teams from the AFC West representin' in the NFL Playoffs, I should feel better about my Raiders 7-9 regular season. It means they had four divisional games against teams good enough to make the playoffs, not to mention the four non-divisional playoff teams they played (bengals, steelers, vikings, packers). The Raiders will be back in playoff contention next season; I guarantee it! (thanks Broadway Joe)

I'm not sure who to cheer for in this year's Playoffs. I suppose for the AFC I'd like to see Peyton Manning get another shot at the title.  Of course I'd like to see Cam Newton and the Panthers get there also for the NFC, but something about seeing Vikings RB Adrian Peterson doing his thing in the Super Bowl excites me. 

Speaking of AP, there was an interview where he acknowledged Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch as being the best running back in the league today, " hands down". 

Now that's one hell of an endorsement coming from a great player like Adrian Peterson.  It shows how much respect Peterson has for the game and the players he competes against.  

Wait a minute; correction. AP called Lynch the second best running back?  Second to AP, I suppose. Oh shucks! Oh well, there's no room for humbleness in football, and Peterson just might've put his arrogant foot in his mouth and awakened a Beast. 

Imagine a playoffs showdown between AP and Beast Mode?  I'd pay Floyd Mayweather Fight money to see it, with money down on Oaktown's Lynch.

Well, tomorrow I get that wish, minus the Money May pay-per-view robbery, as their two teams (vikings & seahawks) faceoff against one another in a wild card game. It's the beginning of the second season as the NFL Playoffs take over the sports world in a last team standing tournament.

Good Luck gentleman, "and may the odds be ever in your favor."

Raiders News: Khalil Mack has made All-Pro history.

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