Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Raiders To L.A. IF Chargers Opt-Out

Regional loyalty? Humbug!  It's just Bizness Baby 

The NFL Owners voted 30-2 in favor of the Rams moving to Los Angeles and playing games there in the 2016 season.  The Rams accepted and will play games in the old Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum until a new $1.89 billion dollar stadium in Inglewood is completed in 2019.

The NFL offered the San Diego Chargers a share in the new stadium and they can join the Rams in old Memorial Coliseum beginning the 2017 season. The Chargers have until January 2017 to accept the NFL offer.  

If the Chargers do not agree to the move/share offer by January 2017, the offer transfers over to the Raiders to join the Rams in Los Angeles beginning the 2017 season.

If both the Chargers and Raiders choose not to accept the offer, the Rams will continue play as the Los Angeles Rams in L.A.. The team that does not move to Los Angeles will receive $100M from the NFL toward a new stadium in their market.

This is all I know as of now.  The Raiders option to share in the new Los Angeles stadium with the Rams hinges on a Chargers 'yea' or 'nay', which the bolts have a year to voice.

So what do the USC Trojans, who play games at the old Memorial Coliseum, think about the move.

Better yet, what do the silver & black clad L.A. Temptation, the all female flag team of the LFL, think about it. 

Time and pressure friends.  Time......and......pressure!

Legends Football League 

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