Sunday, January 03, 2016

Raiders End Season With A Loss

Just Stay Baby

Cheer up Raiders fans, it could be worse.  We could've been the New York Jets blowing a chance to clinch a playoff birth.
#29 David Amerson

The Raiders lost in Kansas City to the Chiefs 23-17. So long Charles Woodson and hello David Amerson, who provided the Raiders defensive highlight of the day, a pick six.

The best things that can be said about this Raiders squad is that they're young and they never quit. Obviously there's some talent, but we've seen teams with talent in the past who couldn't produce on the field. Not being able to pinpoint the Raiders offensive drop-off in play ever since the Pittsburgh game, I'm a bit skeptical about next season being a breakout year for them. Carr and Cooper gotta get better.

When they can give me a dominating running game with an offensive front that can push defenders backwards, then I'll believe the hype.  Same with the improved defense, it needs more D-line push to be consistently effective. A defensive line that can quickly get to the passer is a defensive backfield's best friend.

So here we are at the end of the regular season. The Oakland Raiders finish with a 7-9 record.  It's improvement. It's promise. But then again, it's 7-9.

Win, Lose or Tie

Thanks for a competitive season Raiders. Now get better.

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