Thursday, January 14, 2016

Before You Bet Again - Checkout Lottery Fixing Scandal

Wanna hear something that looks and sounds like a conspiracy cover-up?  I go to check the news for the winning $1 billion plus powerball drawing and the first story I come across is this:

The convicted criminal behind the fixing is Eddie Tipton, a former security director of the Multi-State Lottery Association. Fast Eddie has already been sentenced to 10 years behind bars for a high-tech scheme that installs software into the lottery selection program to manipulate the numbers.

Prosecutors say Tipton installed software known as a root kit that enabled him to manipulate numbers without a trace. What tripped him up, investigators say, was his decision to buy the winning ticket himself at a service station near the headquarters of the association, whose workers are prohibited from trying their luck.

Fast Eddie must have paid millions to a good lawyer to get himself out of jail on an appeal. But I'm not hating on Eddie, I'm mad at the Multi-State Lottery Association who oversaw Wednesday's $1 billion drawing.  Why didn't they and/or the media spill the beans on Fast Eddie and other scammers that have been attacking lotteries nationwide?

Makes you think they're in on the scam doesn't it? You encourage millions of citizens throughout 46 United States to run out and bet the farm on a chance to win a Billion dollars and you don't inform them of a rogue former employee and the risk that lottery scammers might pose to the drawing? Come'on Man! That's just foul........

Did I mention that Fast Eddie's brother, Tough Tommy Tipton, is under investigation for Lottery Fraud as well.  Yep, Authorities say in 2005 Tommy collected  $537,000 as his cut from $4.5 million jackpot split in Colorado.

Imagine, these cats have been scheming and scamming lotteries nationwide for at least ten years. There are other names coming up in the ongoing investigations.

My advice to you suckers still playing the lottery straight, google the term "RootKit" and learn as much about it as you can before plopping down anymore on lotteries.  Its obviously worked for Tough Tommy and Fast Eddie for years, and I suspect its also filling the pockets of those pimping the lottery to the public. If you can't beat'em.......

So come the next big Lotto Jackpot, don't be a sucker and play it straight, let Eddie and Tommy Tipton educate you on how to really become a billionaire. Get the kit, get creative and then get busy greasing some hands brother. It's the American way.

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