Monday, January 25, 2016

Golden State Blows Up San Antonio Spurs

Damn Those Golden State Warriors are Good!

Final Score
Warriors 120
Spurs 90

Stephen Curry led scorers with 37 points as all but one player on the roster scored. And he only played three quarters. The Spurs, without 39 year old Tim Duncan, looked confused and over-matched, turning the ball over throughout the night. They simply had no answer for the Champions.  

As for those Golden State Warriors, they showed up and manhandled what many considered the best team in the league. What's the saying, if you wanna be the best you have to beat the best?

It was a game that would determine just how good the Warriors really are and every basketball fan alive was tuned in to see this one. 

Well, if they didn't know, now they know.  Sure its only one regular season game, but the way the Warriors dominated leaves the burden on the San Antonio Spurs shoulders to prove they can hang with the World Champions.  I believe they meet again in April.  

And If I hear any basketball analyst question the Championship caliber of the Warriors after seeing them annihilate a good Spurs team tonight, I'm calling him out. And that includes Mr. Charles Barkley.  It's a wrap. The only team that can stop the Warriors are the Warriors.

Can You Dig IT!

The best quote I heard was on Tom Tolbert's after-game show that said teams are having to guard Steph Curry at the half-court Logo. That's how much of a threat he is.  Steph has changed the way NBA basketball is coached and played.  He's revolutionized the game. Can You Dig That!

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