Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Great Dr. Maya Angelou Passes

This incredible woman who embraced life and fought not just a good fight, but an honorable one, will always be loved, respected and held up high so that others can see what she taught us.

Dr. Maya Angelou passed away the other day and I immediately asked myself what it was that I'd learned from her.  Right away thoughts of how my views about women, especially those in my family, were changed by reading the great doctor's verses.  For a young man like myself, so wrapped up in a young man's life, I'd never fully given thought and consideration to the goodness that women had brought to me throughout my life.  Of course I loved my mother, sisters and aunts, but it was as much out of obligation as it was out of respect.  

After seeing and/or reading the honorable Dr. Angelou's "I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings" I began questioning the struggle and courage it took to live as a strong woman, or just as a weak woman trying to survive in a man's world.  It was an eye-opening education for me, and one that continues til this day.  

As soon as I begin to think I know the pains of a woman I stop, drop and pray forgiveness for my arrogant thoughts.  Its taken me years to overcome some of my deepest thoughts of women as the weaker sex, even though I was raised in a family full of strong women.   I suppose its just a man's way to label women as we do, that is until we find our lives hanging by a thread with at least one special, loving woman by our side, holding our hand, keeping watch over us with love and prayer.  It is then that many of us men are awakened to what love truly is.   It is when another type of caged bird is freed and begins to sing.

Its never too late to love deeply or learn how. There are special beings put on this earth with talents that enlighten us to the God given beauty that is this life we are living.  There is a season given for these special beings to shine their teaching beam on us so that we may walk a path of divine purpose.  Dr. Maya Angelou was one of those beams, sharing her literary talent and more, so that the season of her world blossomed under the rays of her words.  

"I Sing Because I'm Happy, I Sing Because I'm Free"

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