Thursday, May 01, 2014

Raiders Feeling Draft Day

I mean really, what else is there to talk about when it comes to the 2014 NFL Draft?  We've seen, we've tested and we've talked about all the aspects and attributes of this year's draft prospects.  

We're 7 days away from putting our money where our hearts are. It comes down to who do we want and how badly do we want him/them. 

We're slotted to pick #5 in the first round and can trade up or down if need be.  We're in a good place feeling pretty positive about our chances of getting our man/men.  We can cruise on into draft day on a high so sweet that it'll make you feel like 1976, the year the Raiders won their first super bowl.  Do you feel me?  

What better way to bring in this draft day than with the 1976 album of the year and one of the best selling live album's to hit the United States. 

Frampton Comes Alive (Peter Frampton)

Do You Feel Like We Do Raiders Fans!

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