Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bochy Says Duck, Casilla Hears Rabbit

Listening to KNBR hosts Tom Tolbert and Ray Ratto discuss Santiago Casilla's ill-advised swing, hit and run brought tears of laughter to my eyes.  It reminded me of that infamous Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck dialogue with Daffy getting the short end of the exchange, as usual.

For those who missed the injury causing play: Giants pitcher Casilla was up to bat and had been supposedly told by manager Bruce Bochy, the two-time world series champion manager Bruce Bochy, not to swing the bat.  Well, somewhere along the way between the dugout and the batters box, Casilla got it into his head to swing the bat. Twice!  And by golly if he didn't make contact with the ball. The excited pitcher, possibly egged on by his fellow ball players in the dugout, took off sprinting toward first base as if he had rabbit speed and agility. He didn't.

Arriving at the plate reality sunk in; his duck feet waddled over the bag pitching him into an awkward tumble that was hilarious to watch.  It appeared that even the pitcher got a laugh out of his flop until the smile turned into a grimace as he rolled over in pain.  

It was a very hard-earned lesson for the pitcher to learn as he was helped off the field with a strained hamstring, unable to waddle without assistance.  When a proven leader like Bochy, with quick Rabbit wit tells you its Duck season, don't try to match wits with him.  The Duck got the short end of the exchange yet again; he was called out!

Santiago Casilla Out Four Weeks

Giants 5  Rockies 1

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