Thursday, May 08, 2014


The first round selection of University at Buffalo Outside Line Backer Khalil Mack could be the best draft pick the Raiders have had in years.  Of course I was hyped in 2010 when they picked inside line backer Rolando McClain in the 8 spot of the first round.  Surprisingly, Mack was available in the 5 spot and the Raiders pounced.

I was more impressed with the Rolando McClain college highlights, but then again, he rolled with the 2009 national champion Alabama Crimson Tide. But K Mac is a play maker, no question.  And he brings an engine that is always revved up in high gear.

The Raiders can definitely utilize Khalil's tenacious pursuit and pressure he puts on the offensive backfield.  He seems to have a very long arm reach with good wrapping up technique.   Once he wraps his prey they seldom escape.

He has all the potential to make an instant impact on defense.  With his on-field football intelligence and the host of veteran players around him, Khalil's professional learning curve could be complete by the first quarter of the season. Its all about how the defensive coordinator plans to use him in different sets.

Though one impact player does not make a contender, the 2014 Oakland Raiders are filling the voids and adding the pieces that will produce a stronger competitor than last season. 

 K MAC  
Mack may be the most complete defender in this draft, even ahead of Clowney. His ideal fit probably would have been in a 3-4, but the Raiders will show multiple looks on defense and will find ways to utilize Mack. Considering he is adept at rushing the passer, stuffing the run and dropping in coverage, working him into the mix should not be too difficult.

Note: With #1 picHouston Texans selected DE Jadeveon Clowney

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