Tuesday, May 13, 2014

OKC Flops, Clippers Choke, Devil Collects

It was one heck of a comeback for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  I was sure that the Los Angeles Clippers had game 5 in hand leading by at least seven points with under a minute left.  I actually need to confirm the clock and points, but believe me, the Clips are walking away from this game in Shock!

I question some of the calls and wonder if OKC got away with some things at home.  But the Clips had it and simply coughed up the game to the home team.  Even though they're from that superficial land of lies labeled L.A., and even though their billionaire owner has just committed what's being made to feel like the racist crime of the century, I feel for the Clippers.  They didn't deserve to have this game end in the manner it did.  Tonight the devil came to collect his dues and there was nothing Donald Sterling & Co. could do to avoid or postpone payment.

Even the final play with Chris Paul attempting a prayerful inside pass to Blake Griffin looked as if Lucifer himself poked it away with his pronged pitchfork. It was a pathetic end to a full collapse. 

My guess is they're injecting coach Doc Rivers with a strong sedative as I type this post, such was his wide-mouthed jawing and gestures of protest at the referees' game changing calls.  The worst call being the Chris Paul foul on Russell Westbrook's three point shot with under ten seconds left. I simply didn't see a foul.  Of course Westbrook made all three of the foul shots, putting the Thunder ahead for the final score. Yep, me thinks the doc needed a doc.  

Final Score
Clippers 104
Thunder 105

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