Friday, May 16, 2014

From Pie-Derman to Careless Whisper

The Oakland A's player who's known for performing the classic pie-in-the-face stunt on teammates during after game interviews has now come up with a smashing classic of another type.

Outfielder Josh Reddick has changed his walk up music to the classic 1980's hit song "Careless Whisper," and the fans love it.  If you haven't heard it you'd think, why the heck would a ball player use That girly tune to step into the batter's box with.  But I tell you, once you hear it and see it you'll be the one changing your tune.  The smooth, trumpeting sound adds something................mystical and meditative to the game, and to Reddick's batting average.  

The outfielder has been smacking the ball all over the yard since "Careless Whisper" became his lucky charm.  Today in an away game in Cleveland, Reddick hit two home runs for six RBI's.  And the music hasn't diminished his spider man senses that allows him to climb and stick to outfield walls and fences in order to steal a hit.  I don't think the Indians played Careless Whisper for him today, but it didn't matter; when you're hot your hot.  

In news across the country the name of the major leaguer in green and yellow, who bats to the tune of Careless Whisper is no secret. Josh Reddick has awakened those who might've thought baseball a bore, and he's climbing the charts on the media billboard.  Go Spidey!

Final Score
Athletics 11
Indians 1

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