Friday, October 21, 2011

World Series Tied @ 1 Game Each

In a competition that showcased what we in baseball call a "pitcher's duel," game 2 of the World Series came down to an earth shaking 9th inning. St. Louis held onto a 1-0 lead after scoring in the 7th. Texas surprisingly scored two in the top of the 9th and sealed it with shutdown pitching in the bottom of the inning.

Within ten minutes after the game ended the San Francisco bay area witnessed a 3.8 earthquake, the second of the day. Just so happens it was earthquake preparedness day. I personally felt both strong jolts, the latter while finishing the game and dinner at Tommy's Joint on Van ness avenue. Whadda game whadda meal.

If St. Louis had won game two, Texas would be wearing the collapsing team label. Instead, they've gotten new life and a boost of adrenalin going home to play three games in their ballpark. I'm rooting for the National League Champion Cardinals to win it. They appeared to have that magical touch going into the series. I hope the Rangers haven't stolen their bag of magic.

Rangers 2
Cardinals 1

Rangers 2
Cardinals 3

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