Tuesday, October 18, 2011

QB Carson Palmer A Raider!

Former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer signed a contract with the Oakland Raiders today. The 2003 #1 draft pick and two-time pro bowl quarterback is a 31 year old pocket passer with an Al Davis approved throwing arm.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson is familiar with Palmer, coaching Bengals receivers from 2004-2006 and on the USC Trojans coaching staff when Palmer was there.

Forget about the Raiders 2012 1st round draft pick given up, Palmer gives me a sigh of relief when thinking of the remaining season without Campbell, though campbell says he hopes to return within 6 weeks from surgery. Sorry Jason, but Carson might actually be an upgrade at the position. It's a wait-n-see situation.

As of today, Hue and the Oakland Raiders have a proven driver ready to take the wheel and continue a Raiders return to the playoffs. Sure it's a big roll of the dice, but to succeed in the NFL you either Go Big or Go home.

Welcome to the Raiders Carson Palmer
Carson Palmer Career Stats

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