Friday, October 07, 2011

Viva Vala Verde!

Down Goes Goliath! Down Goes Goliath! Down Goes Goliath!

The Detroit Tigers did what many thought impossible last night. They put down the mighty Goliath of the baseball world, better known as the New York Yankees. They did it with clutch hitting and lights out pitching in game 5 of the ALDS.

Never has the baseball world seen Yankee Stadium so full and yet so nervously quiet as in the bottom of the ninth last night.
Detroit's ace closer Jose Valverde, 49-49 in save opportunities this season, came in and silenced everything within a ten mile radius of the Yankee Stadium dugout.

Crickets in October.

The silence of those pinstripe wearing fans was a horrific site to see. Yankees fans from ages 8 to 80 were shown looking like a zombie virus had just descended on the New York metropolitan area. They looked gaunt, expressionless, void of life. Their shadowy faces resembled that of a gangrene corpse with bulging eyes and a twisted mouth.

Yes, the pride of espn, fox sports and money making manhattan were Beaten!

Money Can't Buy Everything. At Least Not This Baseball Season.

Congratulations Detroit Tigers on slaying that bragging beast of baseball. Thanks for shutting up dem Yankees.

Detroit 3
New York 2

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