Sunday, October 16, 2011

Steppin Outside Our House of Worship

A Fredo Moment

This morning's commonwealth club discussion had InterFaith as it's discussion. Who would've thought a panel of religious and spiritual scholars would be found quoting Rodney King.

"Can't We All Just Get Along"

The discussion touched on many issues of religious tolerance and brotherhood. From comparisons of those of us who feel more spiritual than religious, to comparing interfaith as a garden of faith versus a bouquet; a bouquet's stems are cut whereas garden plants have roots to stimulate continued growth.

One story was given of a concentration camp inmate during WWII who smuggled in a prayer book and loaned it out in exchange for food. Many people who hear of it focus on the sinful actions of the inmate bartering faith, but the teller of the story has you focus on those giving of their limited supply of food for a glimpse at a book of prayer, thus restoring their faith in a place of intense suffering and death.

What really caught my attention was the question of how one faith or religion can selfishly claim authenticity and privilege with an overall God? I like what the the guest, Alan Jones, said about trusting in a Monotheistic religion. He said he'd ask the person of that religion if he would be safe if that person were in charge?

In other words, if I put you in charge would your faith and beliefs be willing to accept me with my faith and belief, or would you banish me or worse, crucify me for what I believe in? You should ask yourself this to see exactly where you and your faith stand with the community of mankind.

To hear an audio broadcast click on Finding Faith and Spirituality in the 21st Century and press play.

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