Sunday, October 23, 2011

Raiders Shutout At Home

Final Score
Chiefs 28
- McFadden
=Raiders 0

Fan Highlight of the Game: Witnessed one burly fan perfectly place a right cross punch to the jaw, lifting a trash-talking foul mouthed fan over the seats below where he lay stretched out like a corpse. The entire section reacted like we'd witnessed an iron Mike Tyson knockout. It was close.

In all the years I've been attending games I'd never seen a better display of physical skill in shutting up a troublemaker. The punch was quick, powerful and precise. When the row of fans below realized there was a grown man sleeping on their backs they lifted him to his feet where he quietly grabbed up his belongings, took one shy peek at a glaring iron Mike, and headed for shelter elsewhere to clear his head.

The knockout victim would eventually return with renewed courage, start loud-mouthing Tyson from afar again and get the stadium police involved. When all was said and done the two would make up, sort of, return to their seats and join the rest of us Raiders fans in watching our team get knocked out by the visiting Chiefs.

I don't condone violence in unsportsmanlike form, but after watching the boring Nonito Donaire boxing match last night, I suppose I was still hungering for a knockout punch to land. I finally got one!

In fairness to the real Mike Tyson, neither of these two men resembled him in any way, shape or color.

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