Saturday, October 29, 2011

And That's Why They Play The Games

The wild card St. Louis Cardinals win game 6 and 7 to claim the 2011 World Series Championship. I still have the improbable game 6 still swimming around in my head, but it was a dominating pitching performance with key hitting in game 7 that clinched the title for St. Louis.

Almost every baseball fan feels a bit sad that the two time American League champion Texas Rangers couldn't win their first world series. They fought a good fight and ran a helluva race but the historic game 6 loss seemed to take the wind out of their sails while giving the Cardinals just the gust they needed to push onward to victory. We Giants fans know well the course both ships took; the lost ship agony and the good ship ecstasy.

The WS MVP went to Cardinals third baseman David Freese, and rightfully so. No Freese and the Texas Rangers would be parading in cowboy boots down Dallas streets as I write this blog. Was it me or did every heart go out to Ranger president Nolan Ryan every time the cameras showed him? As much as I wanted to see the Cardinals win it, the way they finished off Texas made it almost shameful to celebrate the Cards victory.

For those who saw the series, we share in witnessing one of the best World Series ever, right up there with last year's San Francisco Giants win of course. For those who were too heartbroken to watch, and you know who you are yanks, sux and that dream team in philly, shame on you.

Baseball may no longer be the great American past time, but the entertainment and competition it brings to many fans around the world does that past time proud.

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