Friday, January 31, 2014

Why Bet Against Peyton? Seahawks Defense

Okay, you heard it here first, Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman not only intercepts Peyton, but puts the game on ice with a final drive defensive play.  Sherman has been the talk ever since ending the San Francisco 49ers season in the NFC Championship game.  Now he has a chance to back up his claim of being the best, against the best. That best would be Broncos quarterback Peyton 'Omaha' Manning.

It took me two weeks of hearing everything about these two teams and it kind of reminds me of the Raiders vs Buccaneers 2003 Super Bowl match-up pitting the best offense versus the best defense.  The difference here will be a starting center hiking to Peyton.  Last I checked Broncos center Manny Ramirez hadn't frozen up on the week leading up to the big game and taken off for Atlantic City on a drinking and gambling binge.  But the weekend is still young.

I envision the Seahawks defense preventing Broncos receivers from getting off the line of scrimmage clean, causing Manning to hold the ball longer, something Manning hasn't had to do much of late.  Longer hold time for a quarterback against the Seattle defense means more pressure and eventually mistakes.  As much as I would like to see Peyton get another Super Bowl win and cement his all time greatness into the history books of sports, this weekend will go to Sherman and the Beast.  So get your Skittles ready!

Predicted Final Score
Broncos 17
Seahawks 30

Seahawks X Factor Percy Harvin

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