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Efforts To Save Pro Bowl

Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, right, heckles Hall of Famer Deion Sanders during a news conference for the NFLPro Bowl Draft, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014, Kapolei, Hawaii. (AP Photo/Marco Garcia) MARCO GARCIA — AP

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When I first tuned into the Pro Bowl I was confused. First the uniforms looked like Oregon vs a version of the old Tampa Bay pospsicle orange in trim.  I could't identify NFC vs AFC. I couldn't figure why players from the same teams were hitting each other. Then I saw an Uncle Remus-looking Deion Sanders on the sideline for what was dubbed Team Saunders.  The happy-go Jerry Rice was on the other sideline with his team Team Rice, sporting a cleaner, more tapered uncle remus look.

I'm left wondering what the hell is going on in Hawaii.  Who knew that the NFL was gonna go all fantasy football-ish and let uncles Jerry and Deion do an eenie-meenie-miney-moe choosing of teams? How else was it done? Did they draft teams?

It all added up to another NFL gimmick of trying to make the Pro Bowl more interesting.  And believe it or not, the sh!t might've worked.  

The game had some hard hitting and serious competing by the all-pro players.  Everybody put on a show and the game came down to a touchdown and two-point conversion by Team Rice to come back and win it. I watched all of the final minutes of the game, but it sure looked as if it had been an exciting and fun-filled day.  Forget that the turnout in the stadium looked weak, the game, based on the highlights, didn't look half bad.

But I felt a bit old when seeing the peppery gray beard of Deion.  I could've sworn it was just last year that Deion looked as if he could suit up and go out and play.  The full grown beard made'em look like an African griot ready to tell the children stories about tribal ancestors of long ago.  Sorry D, just calling it like I saw it. Come'on man, you're in Hawaii, at least put some black dye on it for the viewers sake. Its not like you were there to coach, captain.

Final Score
Team Rice 22
Team Sanders 21

Article: Efforts out in force to save Pro Bowl

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