Monday, January 27, 2014

"Cocaine is a Selfish Drug"

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Florida Congressman Trey Radel says he is sorry for a misdemeanor cocaine charge during a November press conference.

Whether it be athletes, clergy, academic professionals or politicians, the lure of drugs and their addictive properties leads to apologies and loss. Think before you selfishly indulge.  Think about who besides yourself will be negatively affected by your drug use.  As Florida Congressman Trey Radel states in his apology to those he let down, "and even though he doesn't know, I've let down my 2-yr old son."

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Addiction does not discriminate, it destroys the lives of all it touches regardless if they are poor, wealthy, black, white, male, or female, etc. One thing is certain when it comes to addiction, as we seek the help of others we take the first step in gaining strength over it. Whether we are an addict ourselves or the loved one of an addicted person, we all deserve to have the help of those who have been in our place before and know what it takes to get the answers we so desperately need.

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