Monday, January 20, 2014

What's So Exciting About Omaha Besides Audible?

Is it possible that Super Bowl bound quarterback Peyton Manning's "Omaha" audible is a hint for us to stop sleeping on Creighton University basketball out of Omaha, Nebraska? Well Peyton, after tonight's game I think if we didn't know now we know.

The Creighton Blue Jays took down the #4 ranked Villanova men's basketball team with a hail of three point shots that broke a school record. Not sure what the NCAA record is but the Blue Jays can't be far off the mark from shooting it down.

Creighton made 25 of 35 three pointers and led the Villanova squad by as many as 41 points.  So either there's something wrong with the ranking system and Villy isn't who we thought they were, or Creighton is much more than anyone thought they were and have now caught the attention of  NCAA Big East teams and fans alike. 

We'll keep an eye on Creighton to see whether this game was just a one-trick-pony or if just maybe the Creighton Blue Jays will continue their high-flying three pointer act deep into the Madness that is March. 

As for Peyton Manning, expect to see him yelling out his favorite cornhusker town in two weeks when he takes on the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.  

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