Thursday, January 16, 2014

God On Trial

This is one excellent film.  For as many movies I've seen with the holocaust as its backdrop, never has the accusing finger pointed at anyone but Hitler and his Nazis until now. In 'God on Trial' the accusation is very real; did God breach the covenant contract he'd established with the peoples of Judaism through Abraham?  

The question is being posed and challenged by Auschwitz inmates, many of whom are only hours away from the gas chamber and know it.  It truly is the trial of the century and the actors deliver the arguments for and against with stunning passion. 

For some reason I'm reminded of the story 'The Devil and Daniel Webster,' where a famous lawyer battles the devil in court over the soul of a mortal and fellow citizen of New Hampshire.

'God on Trial' is a history lesson about the Jews as a chosen people, as well as an overall lesson on what is God. Seeing Jews both accuse and defend their God has never been shown with such raw passion.  To say more might spoil it for those who've yet to see it.  I urge anyone who's ever questioned God's grace and wrath to watch this gem.  It might be one of the best trials on film, in a courtroom wreaking with the ugliness and stench of murder.

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