Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dutch Sensation Caro Emerald

Posting this for my boy, a fellow blogger from Lard Biscuit Enterprises, D. Trull.  The man sure knows how to pick'em.  

Trull is a fan of plus size women, fine cuisine, star wars and various music. His blog enlightens you to the sumptuous good taste of all these delights.  As a new fan of Caro Emerald's, Trull is getting the word out about the singer who's taking the european music world by storm.  Trull so eloquently states about the rising star: 

As pretty as Caro is, I find she's one of those women who looks her best in motion rather than in stills, and you can't hear a picture sing. So check her out, behold her hypnotic splendor, and you can thank me later.

Thank You Mr. Trull and may the force continue to be with you.  

interview with Caro Emerald

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