Monday, November 25, 2013

Raiders Couldn't Top Titans at Home

"The Raiders defense played well in spurts but allowed Tennessee's offense to convert 10 of 18 third-down plays, including four of five in the final period."

This line from the Oakland Tribune pretty much sums up the game.  Even the Sebastian Janikowski two missed field goals, as unprecedented as they were, didn't cost the Raiders the game as much as the defense giving up so many third down conversions.  They stopped the run but the passes by Tennessee Titans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick killed the defense.  And I must give credit to Fitzpatrick, he may not have blazing speed but his elusiveness in the pocket almost seemed magical.  The Raiders defense just couldn't touch him.

While our receivers seemed to always have a Titans defender draped all over them, the Titans receivers appeared to always be running in space wide open for a reception, and more times than not caught the pass. It was frustrating to watch.  

For us fans who were surprised and tickled pink that our Raiders were even in the hunt for a playoff spot, the verdict is in; we ain't good enough this season.  Who knew that losing rookie corner DJ Hayden would cripple our pass defense.  No, can't be that.  Just a bad day for a defense that's been carrying the team all season. And the sputtering offense didn't help. Painful loss!

Final Score
Titans 23
Raiders 19

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