Monday, November 25, 2013

A Grandfather's Prayer

Just a praising shoutout to my grandson Andrew, who I am so proud of.  He's coming upon two years of being baptized in the house of the Lord.  The knowledge and understanding that comes with faith in a higher being is the strength that sustains us believers through life. Yes, to have faith is a blessing unto itself.

To feel the comfort of knowing that my faithful grandson Andrew is never alone and always has the best adviser on this earth to consult, what more could a grandparent ask for. Congratulations for seeking and finding the sacred way my son.  I am mighty glad and joyful in this day.

Bless you Andrew, on your amazing spiritual journey through life. May you recognize God's gifts to you and never thirst for more than what the Lord gives you.

Your YahYah

PS. Kiss Amirah-Deara for Me.

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