Sunday, November 10, 2013

Raiders Can't Finish Off New York Giants

The Oakland Raiders go down to the New York Giants at the Meadowlands and I'm wondering who to blame.  Quarterback Terrelle Pryor and the passing game were atrocious, but I'm beginning to see its as much the offensive coordinator's play calling that's to blame.  

Pryor was telegraphing just about every pass and the New York defense began reading him like a young adult fiction novel; predictable with a plot full of holes.  Its no wonder he didn't have seven picks to match last weeks seven touchdowns by the opposing quarterback.

Another game that the Oakland Raiders could've won thanks to defense and special teams, but the offense let the team down hard.  Wish I had a solution to offer.  They might've won this game had they stuck with screens, short passes and the power running of Rashad Jennings in place for an injured D-Mac. At least FB Marcel Reece got a few touches this week. 

Dropped passes, untimely penalties, turnovers. It was a further step backwards for this Raiders offensive unit. And yet the Raiders were up by six and driving in the 3rd qtr when Pryor threw a heart breaker interception to give the Giants the lead for keeps.

Give the New York defense credit, they stayed with the script of pressuring Pryor and waiting for him to oblige them with a gift.  By the end of the game Pryor hadn't disappointed them.  I'm still wondering if the coaches ever talked to Pryor about the danger of throwing back across the field.  Were the receivers supposed to do something different on those plays? I wonder.

The Oakland Raiders are an improved team from seasons past, definitely.  Its just so painful to watch them go through the growing pains of becoming a contender.

Final Score
Raiders 20
Giants 24

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